We’re here to help those who need us most. Across our Children's Social Worker teams, we believe in rewriting people’s stories. We bring warmth, care, and uncompromising safeguarding values.

Children's Social Care

  • Luton in 2020 is a vibrant, modern and diverse town with many unique features. Luton has a population of 214,100 and is recognised as being one of the youngest and most diverse towns in the country, although the population is projected to become significantly older over the next 20 years.

    Alongside the many challenges facing the town, Luton has a number of important strengths and assets that will be crucial to driving the success of this vision over the coming years. 

    We are a cohesive town with a powerful sense of community spirit within our neighbourhoods. Home to the fifth largest airport in the UK which supports jobs, the local economy and services for residents. We are also home to Luton and Dunstable Hospital and Luton Town Football Club.

    Luton has outstanding access to greenspace including six green flag parks and close proximity to the Chilterns. We have many good and outstanding schools and one of the few places in the country with no inadequate schools. 

  • We ensure children with disabilities are kept safe, while always being supported to grow and develop. We’ll assess their needs, and work with families to provide a relevant, impactful service. Many of the children we help have a range of complex needs - either medical or behavioural - so multi-agency working is key to everything we do. 
  • We work on cases that don’t meet the threshold for specialist family support services, but still need our help. This is about implementing the Child in Need plan, and working directly with families to reduce our interventions. 
  • In this team, we work with families and children who are on the edge of coming into care. We build up positive relationships with them – founded on both communication and trust. Everything we do is short-term, and takes place in the family home. 
  • We’re here for families facing multiple problems, and therefore need a high level of support. There are dedicated social workers per family to address underlying issues as a whole, who will be involved for as long as it takes to turn things around. It’s about developing trusting, warm relationships with families so positive and lasting changes are made. 
  • Here, we step in at the right moment to help children and families turn their lives around. As always, it’s about building trusting relationships and being a positive presence when people need us most.  

    Our Practice Model- Luton has adopted a strength based approach as its practice framework. This approach allows our social workers practice using our 4 C's

    • -       To use conversations to build relationships with children and their families.

    • -       To practice with respectful curiosity to help us understand the lived experience of children and young people who need our help. 

    • -       To practice with courage, not being afraid to fail and try new things supporting our children and families through change. 

    • -       Our practice will be considerate, respectful of diversity and difference, we will practice with care to ensure the best outcomes for our children and families. 

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