There are many advantages of working on a temporary basis, these include:

  • With temporary work you are able to fit your job around your life. Temping is ideal for people who are restricted by time constraints, including parents with young children and students with time off.
  • Just because you are a temporary worker, you still have rights including regular pay, holiday & statutory sick pay and pension schemes. You are also entitled to the same quality of working conditions as permanent workers and access to internal Intranets so you are able to apply for any internal roles that may be of interest.
  • Temporary positions can be short-term but this can be a perfect way to learn new skills. Many companies use in-house systems and databases to record information so if you do some temporary work in different companies, you have the opportunity to adapt to new surroundings, systems and databases and to learn new processes.
  • If permanent work is what you’re looking for then great, as some temporary roles could lead to permanent positions.

If temporary work is something you would be interested in, please view our current roles here