We’re here to help those who need us most. Across our Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub team, we believe in rewriting people’s stories. We bring warmth, care, and uncompromising safeguarding values.

  • The MASH is where we help protect the most vulnerable children and adults from harm, neglect and abuse. We’re the first point of contact for all safeguarding concerns from professionals, such as teachers and doctors, as well as the general public or family members. 

    When these concerns meet the threshold for social care involvement, representatives from different agencies in, and outside, the MASH will collate information to build a full picture of the case, and the associated risks to the child or adult. 

    As a result, multi-agency decision making will ensure that the right support and intervention is provided at the right time, in order to provide better outcomes for children and their families. And as part of this process, we’ll always make sure feedback is given to the original case referrers. 

    Ultimately, the stronger collaboration between agencies will lead to an improved service for children and families.

  • Multi-disciplinary teams are made up of:

    Social Workers work to support families to make the

    changes in their lives to keep their children safe.

    Family Support Workers work to provide support to

    social workers.

    Domestic Abuse Practitioners support victims of

    domestic abuse, help them to recognise domestic abuse,

    and support them to make changes to safeguard their


    Domestic Abuse Officers work with perpetrators of

    domestic abuse to help them recognise the impact and

    how this can affect their families.

    Recovery workers work with parents who are

    experiencing difficulties with either drug(s), alcohol or

    both, to make positive lifestyle changes.

    Mental Health Practitioners work with parents who are

    experiencing mental health difficulties.

    Psychologist works with parents on different aspects of

    parenting that may affect their children.

  • Previously, social workers were often process-driven and task-focused, following activities laid out in Child Protection or Child in Need plans. Now we've moved our focused onto direct working with families.

    Case supervision would involve a meeting between the social worker and their manager, which would often involve summarising what was happening to the case and identifying further tasks and actions for the social worker. Before and after the meeting, the social worker would spend additional time contacting other agencies to gather information and discussing next steps. 

    Now group case supervision includes all the professionals within the multi-disciplinary teams who are working with the family. It's outcome-driven and solution-focused, with an emphasis of helping the family to utilise their strengths. 

  • The concept of Family Safeguarding is a simple one: get people who are working with the same family to work in a team and share the concerns and risks.

    Our workers are trained in working with and supporting families to understand why we are involved and supporting them to make the necessary changes.

    Our multi-disciplinary longer term teams work alongside the MASH model, with families to support them and address the difficulties they may be experiencing.

    We have developed a new interface to our Integrated Care System known as the workbook that reduces the time that social workers spend recording information.

  • Children’s Services have changed the focus of how we work with families to a more motivational approach. 

    This is a move away from our previous approach towards a more collaborative way of working where we aim to motivate parents to identify for themselves the change needed within their families.

    It is important that as professionals we come together to support parents to identify their own reasons for change and the actions which they need to take to make the necessary changes to ultimately keep their children safe. 

    The overall aim is to bring about long term change within families which is driven by the parents themselves and is therefore likely to be more sustainable.

  • The Workbook is the recording mechanism that allows the Family Safeguarding worker to better manage and record the interventions they undertake with families over time. 

    It evidences parental capacity to change, and incorporates tools to analyse risk and need. It helps to define priority issues and enables staff to set and track progress towards goals for each family member. 

    The single family workbook for all professionals in the multi disciplinary teams, combined with co-located working has reduced the amount of time spent on recording, travelling, meetings and writing separate reports.

    The Workbook provides a succinct record of the case, and has proved helpful in reducing time spent on recording. This gives more time to spend with the family. 

We’re looking for those who bring warmth. Care. And uncompromising safeguarding values. People who don’t settle for second-rate, and always strive for excellence. 

You’ll be able to multitask, adapt to changing priorities and work well under pressure. Here, we care about your wellbeing and career. It’s as simple as that. So we’ll make sure you’re always supported with our flexible working and family friendly policies. 

To join, you’ll need a Social Work degree, substantial experience of children and families social work, as well as sound knowledge of the MASH. This is a chance to work alongside experts in their field who make Luton a borough without boundaries. And help the most vulnerable realise their full potential. 


We know that our Children’s Social Workers need access to specialist help. They can’t mitigate all the risks of harm children are facing, alone. This is our biggest challenge - they don’t have the specialist knowledge and expertise in areas such as mental health, domestic abuse and substance misuse. This means they’re having to refer parents onto other agencies, but some parents might not actually meet their eligibility thresholds to receive help. And those who do, may be reluctant to attend appointments with them. 


So we've created 5 co-located, multi-disciplinary Family Safeguarding Teams, including adult specialists who provide direct help for families and their children - meaning we don't have to refer to external agencies - we will have them in-house. We also changed our focus. Instead of ‘monitoring compliance’, we now focus on the engagement of families and producing change through motivational interviewing.


This innovation was founded on, and overseen by, a strong multi-agency partnership including Luton Council CCGs, Police, Probation, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service and the local Mental Health Trust. Adult specialist posts across our 5 safeguarding teams are funded and employed directly by these organisations, so you'll be working as part of a world class team with specialists at the top of their field. 

Interested? Well we offer some fantastic benefits here too.

Take a look at our highlights below!

  • We know how important it is for our teams to be happy, healthy and well rested - so we'll give you 25 days holiday right from the off! And if you decide to stay for 5 years, we'll treat you to a top up of another 5 days - what could you do with a month off? Let's not forget to mention we'll also cover all your bank holidays too!
  • With generous employer contributions of 17.3%, we'll help you save for your future. Retirement might seem like a distant dream right now, but when you're ready, we want to make sure you've got the funds to make the most of it - after all, you've earned it!
  • Your time is precious, and we believe in working to live - not living to work! So we're proud to offer flexible and agile working options to our teams, just to make it that little bit easier.
  • As a key worker, we will help you every step of the way in finding suitable housing in Luton or surrounding areas. Everyone is different - so our flexible approach is tailored to meet your needs and your appointed Housing Officer, will help you make Luton your home.
  • Are you relocating to Luton to work with us? Then we want to help. We can offer you funding of up to £8,500 to cover your expenses, and give you support and advice throughout your move.
  • In Luton, we have world class transport links across the UK. In fact, we can get you from Central London into Luton in just 22 minutes by train - so 50% off of your season rail ticket might just come in handy.

Join us!