No matter which team you join, expect to find talented, hard-working people. Have a read through all the different areas at Luton Council.

Administrative and Clerical 

In our secretarial or administrative roles, you’ll help us keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Adult Social Care

Help vulnerable adults lead better lives. Work with the elderly, people with learning and physical disabilities or mental health conditions, drug and alcohol abusers, and the homeless. 

Apprenticeships and Internships 

Become an apprentice for 1-3 years, and have a job that lets you gain qualifications and essential skills while earning a wage. 

Architects,Engineers and Surveyors 

Sculpt Luton’s skyline. Design new buildings, extensions, or alterations - and advise on the restoration and conservation of old properties.

Business Support Departments (HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing)

Enhance our business delivery in roles such as administrators, personal assistants, auditors, accounts information technologists, and many more. 

Catering, Caretaking and Cleaning

Our catering function plans, organises, and develops the council’s food and beverage services. Plus, the caretaking and cleaning teams make sure schools, community centres, and offices are well maintained. 

Children’s Social Care 

Provide vital support for children, young adults, and their families. This includes people with learning and physical disabilities or mental health conditions, young offenders, and school non-attenders.

Community, Public Services and Enforcement 

Provide investigation and enforcement services across a wide range of regulatory actions, such as environmental crime, anti-social behaviour, licensing, and food safety.


With Luton Culture, you’ll work at one of our museums, galleries, libraries, or community centres.

Customer Services 

In these roles, you’ll deal with a wide range of community concerns – including housing benefits, council tax, and bus pass queries. Essentially, you’ll be a helping hand for a particular service we provide.

Democratic Services and Corporate Governance 

Become one of our electoral, governance, or democratic service officers. These are civil opportunities for members of the public who want to help Luton thrive. 

Early Years

Work with children aged 0-5 and their families.

Education Support

Work with children and young adults as our midday supervisors, welfare assistants, or before and after school assistants.

Education (not schools)

Join our education teams – including Luton Music Service, schools admissions, and school improvement.

Graduate Schemes

We’ve a range of graduate opportunities across the borough. These include 4-6 month placements in different council departments to set you on your future career path.

Housing, Property Management and Facilities 

Depending on the organisation, duties could include setting rents, inspecting properties, helping with tenant-landlord relationships, or providing services such as cleaning and security.


Join our primary and secondary schools as a newly qualified teacher.

Planning, Development and Building Control 

This is where you’ll make sure regulations are followed when houses, offices, or other buildings are designed, constructed, altered, extended, and converted.

Project Management

In this team, you’ll commission and deliver major programmes of work across the council.

Property and Construction

Be apart of our Property and Construction teams as we realise the remarkable with Luton Investment Framework projects.

Public Health 

Boost health and wellbeing in all of Luton’s communities, and improve our residents’ quality of life.

Regeneration and Economic Development 

Bring new business and investment to Luton. Here, you’ll also ensure our workforce have the right skills for the opportunities available.

Sport, Wellbeing and Leisure

As part of Active Luton, you’ll be a lifeguard, personal trainer, or activity assistant – based in a local leisure centre or swimming pool. 

Teaching Assistants

Work closely with children in roles such as teaching assistants and learning mentors.

Teaching and Leadership

From class teacher through to headteacher, you’ll work closely with children and young adults.


Make sure a quality service is provided at the right price for the local community. Work often relates to government initiatives, such as encouraging people to reduce their car use, and walk or cycle more.

Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Manage or assist with waste disposal, collection, and recycling facilities - which could include street cleaning operations.

Youth Work and Youth Offending

Guide and support young people (aged 10-25) in their personal, social, and educational development so they reach their full potential. Plus, in partnership with the police, probation service, and other partners, you’ll help to reduce youth offending in Luton.