Enabling Luton to be proud, vibrant, ambitious and innovative.

    Service Director, Inclusive Growth

    Salary: Up to £88,794 per annum, including car benefit

    Luton is bursting with potential. Put together a growing airport, thriving businesses and a newly agreed procurement strategy with an ambitious Council and you have all the tools to make sure that residents and businesses thrive and prosper.

    We now seek a talented Service Director to drive forward our strategic wealth generation plans. This is a unique opportunity to lead and develop a new service, creating stronger employment pathways and commercial partnerships to make sure that the Luton £1 really makes a difference.

    Closing Date: Midnight on Sunday 22nd September 2019

    Application process

    For an informal discussion, please contact Rebecca Rampat on 07739 985332 or Helen Anderson on 07936 329908. 

    To apply, please click here

    Welcome letter

    • Dear Candidate,

      Thank you for your interest in becoming the new Service Director, Inclusive Growth at Luton Council. This is an exciting time for Luton; a chance to drive growth and development, and make a real difference to the future of our fast-paced borough.

      With our ambitious economic growth programmes underway and the planned creation of 18,500 new jobs, we are investing heavily to generate greater opportunities for our residents, partners and local businesses. As Service Director, you’ll put the needs of Luton’s people first in everything you do, providing greater opportunities for everyone to succeed, enabling Luton to be proud, vibrant, ambitious and innovative.

      Community engagement is vital to our future and you will possess a strong ability to connect, enthuse and collaborate with a diverse range of residents, partners and local businesses. Internal engagement is just as important, and it will begin with inspiring your fantastic teams to keep going above and beyond – collaboration is the key to our success.

      Under your leadership, you will ensure outstanding services and continually boost performance across the areas of Corporate Procurement, Economic Development, Skills Development and Community Learning, and Inclusive Growth. Ultimately, you will welcome innovative ways of working to empower your teams, colleagues and peers, ensuring that we move forward as one.

      This is a unique opportunity to lead cutting-edge transformational change, creating stronger employment pathways and commercial partnerships to build a thriving economy for the people of Luton. You will be an experienced leader of people with sharp commercial acumen and the ability to set strong strategic direction. Whilst you may not have necessarily led in a Local Government context before, you’ll have a solid track record of leading complex economic growth programmes and of maximising opportunities to generate wealth and social value for local people. 

      Ready to realise the remarkable? If you have the vision, enthusiasm and experience to make a lasting difference to Luton and our people, we want to hear from you. 

      Yours sincerely,

      Laura Church

      Corporate Director, Place and Infrastructure
    • Better Work & Jobs — ensuring more Luton work is good work, paying a living wage, supporting people in unstable temporary work to progress, and ensuring more jobs offer quality, fairness, flexibility and equality - with key anchor institutions leading the way.

      Increasing the impact of local investment and economic growth on social and environmental well-being, civic pride and opportunities for local people. This includes channelling more and more of the ‘Luton pound’ spent by anchor institutions directly into our local economy and growing the social economy.