We are innovative. Progressive. And future-focused. We work together to make a real difference to our pupils, and aren't shy of a good challenge. We celebrate bold, fresh thinking, and our limitless potential to achieve the extraordinary - this is why we teach in Luton.

Our culture is one built on honesty and openness. We’re genuine in our support of one another, and always encourage sharing problems, solutions, and ideas. Our doors are open, we trust our people, and we relish in giving them opportunities for professional and personal growth.

  • The support for teachers in Luton is second to none. 

    We're a small borough, allowing us to offer a lot more support to all levels of teaching and leadership staff. Each Luton school is part of a 'neighbourhood cluster' - opening doors across the borough for sharing different practises amongst neighbouring schools, so you'll have immediate access to extensive learning opportunities, not to mention we also boast two teaching school alliances for you to take advantage of too.

    Teachers in Luton also get the support of a very strong local authority (even if we do say so ourselves), and the support and provision of training offered through the Luton Schools Support Service is world class. 

    We'll support you every step of the way in your career with us - from NQT to Head Teacher. We'll help you realise the remarkable. 

  • There is no doubt about how rewarding teaching is. You'll change lives. Celebrate milestones and feed your own inner creativity. Every day is different and you'll create lasting memories to cherish forever. Teaching in Luton doesn't just offer job satisfaction though, you'll also have a great career for the future - one with excellent prospects and opportunities.
  • We know how hard it is striking the perfect work-life-balance, especially as a teacher. So in Luton, we're working hard to make it a bit easier.  Our schools are working hard to develop policies for minimising our teachers workloads.
  • Did you know we have 125 different languages spoken in Luton? We have a long and proud history of welcoming arrivals to the town from overseas, making us one of the most vibrant multicultural environments in the country. In fact, we're proud to be labelled a 'super diverse' town which celebrates a rich heritage of many different communities. 

    This means our schools are as diverse as our population, so by teaching in Luton you'll be able to experience teaching children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds - making a difference to everyone's lives. 

  • Teaching in Luton comes full of career opportunities too. We have many large schools and so we're able to offer a wide variety of middle management and leadership opportunities for our high performers. Our schools always prioritise teachers careers so they will always help and support you.
  • Nestled in an area of outstanding beauty, 30 miles north of London, Luton’s got excellent road, air, and rail links. Just off the M1, moments from the M25, and close to the A1 – we’re really well connected. 

    By train, you’re 22 minutes away from London, and just over an hour from the Midlands. Then there are our useful bus routes all around the borough, and a rapidly expanding airport connecting you to the rest of the world.

    As somewhere to live, Luton is inspiring and forward-thinking. With award-winning art galleries, beautiful Chiltern views, and second-to-none transport links, there’s a lot going on here. It’s also very affordable, with house prices being below the national average and we can offer you support finding a home with our key worker housing brokerage  scheme.   

See what our pupils think makes a great teacher!

  • I love my school because my teacher helps me with everything i want to know.

    Neil, 8 years old

  • I love learning Maths, English, Science and RE, but maths is my favorite subject because my teacher helps me to keep doing it again so that i can get it right in the end.

    Yu Hang, aged 10

  • I love being at school because i can know more facts about people and i can learn more things. For example in Science we are learning about life cycles and i've learned how some animals are made and how the life cycle is. My favorite teacher helps me in everything, and if i do something wrong and i keep making mistakes he always helps me until i get it right.

    Julia, aged 10

  • I think a good teacher shows that they believe in you and that they believe you're going to get it in the end and be really good at what you're doing. For example, my favorite subject is maths because i like having new challenges. I find maths like, sometimes when it's the same subject we've been doing for a while, like since we've been doing fractions - i'm getting used to it now. And once you think you've just got the hang of it, then you start learning new ways of doing it and it gets harder. I like explaining stuff too because it shows that you're really going into greater depth.

    Millie, aged 10