As you change lives for the better across our communities, you’ll be supported every step of the way. It means being part of a close-knit team, surrounded by talented people. Engaged, trusted, and encouraged – that’s how we want each person to feel about working for us.  

  • Career Pathways:

    Whether you’re looking to take a step up in your career, move into a specialist area, or completely change direction – the Career Pathways programme will help get you there.

    Our Career Pathways programme will give you all the support, skills, knowledge and experience you need to develop and progress at Luton Council. It provides access to training, mentors, coaching, taster days, and work experience. We can even help you gain new qualifications, and involve you in project work or decision-making meetings.

    We also understand that people have different aspirations – that’s why development plans are tailored to each individual. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. So whatever your role or ambitions, the Career Pathways programme could truly help you shine. 

  • Workforce and development:

    We provide excellent learning and development opportunities. From work shadowing and mentoring, to relevant training courses – we do it all.

    From day one, we’ll make sure you’re encouraged to flourish. So you’ll have a whole host of learning and development opportunities. That includes financial support with qualification fees, core skills training, online learning modules, and coaching or mentoring (to name just a few).

    No matter what, we’ll prioritise your career progression. Whether you want to shadow an area of the council you’re interested in, or attend bespoke training sessions – we’ll do whatever we can to develop you. 

    It’s not uncommon for people to work their way up the ranks here, so you’ll find our management team have an in-depth understanding of all the different roles. They’ll know what your challenges are, and will support you in getting things done. 

    Because of our relatively small size, roles tend to be a bit broader with more responsibility. It’s a chance to build up your skills quickly, and use them every day. Mistakes are inevitable, but we’ll help you learn from them, and make sure you’re ready to tackle any problem.

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  • Case study

    Fresh out of uni, my first full-time job was in the Facilities team. It involved looking after the town centre offices - opening and locking buildings, reception duties, moving furniture, reporting maintenance issues, receiving and delivering parcels, as well as general porter duties.

    Then, a few years later, after discovering that I had a degree in Government & Politics, the Corporate Director for Environment & Regeneration arranged for me to do an unpaid project for one of his teams. I got an invaluable insight into office working, and it helped me to brush up on the research skills that I hadn’t used since graduating.

    With the help and guidance of my line manager, I took on a secondment in 2013 as a post room supervisor. It gave me further experience of supervising a team and some accounting/finance skills too - overseeing a budget of £500,000.

    Having a great mentor, together with my growing confidence and development of skills, meant I successfully applied to be an area administration manager. Something I couldn’t have imagined 10 or 15 years ago!

    After 16 years with Luton Council, I’ve benefitted greatly from the training courses on offer and two really good managers who offered support and guidance. Their help encouraged me to work harder and take on more responsibility – which in turn made me ambitious.

    Even now, I always look to see what training is available to grow my skills. To top it all off, in 2016 I was nominated and shortlisted for Employee of the Year for the LBC LEX Awards.

    Pritesh Mistry

    Area Administration Manager